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The Port of Hamburg – “Gateway to the World” for Bavaria

  • The Port of Hamburg has been the leading hub for exports and overseas imports to and from Bavaria for many years. Geographical proximity and excellent transport links between Germany’s largest seaport and the state’s manufacturing facilities are especially advantageous for this region’s strongly export-oriented economy. They contribute substantially to Bavaria’s economic success. International and well organized mid-sized companies, a historically rooted variety of industries, preparedness to innovate and invest, as well as an unusually well-developed services sector, ensure thriving trade there. The Port of Hamburg also benefits as Bavaria’s leading load port. Around 52 percent of Bavarian foreign trade, more than 720,000 TEU, are handled annually via the Port of Hamburg. Among the chief goods categories exported are automotive parts and machinery, as well as chemicals, pharmaceutical products and vehicles. The main imports consist of household goods, textiles, machinery and electrical goods.

    Over 62 percent of the freight handled in Hamburg for Bavaria is transported by rail. Every week 216 container trains run between the Port of Hamburg and Bavaria. The state is also very well linked with the Port of Hamburg by the A7 autobahn that is Europe’s main North-South axis.

  • Munich

Activities of the Port of Hamburg representative office in Munich

  • The Port of Hamburg has been represented by its own office in Munich since 1961. This aims to build up and cultivate contacts with companies, associations, institutions and transport ministries in Bavaria. Since 2004 the representative office has also covered the markets in Baden-Württemberg and Switzerland. The representative office also advises member companies interested in the Bavarian market, creates networks, organizes and supports events, and provides news in its region of the latest developments in Germany’s largest universal port. The office is also the initial point of contact for Bavarian firms and universities wishing to have visitor programs organized for the Port of Hamburg and other ports in the Metropolitan Region. It also provides lecturers for events staged by network partners. These present the range of services in the Port of Hamburg and firms there, and in addition of their hinterland connections.

    • Karin Lengenfelder

      Karin Lengenfelder

      Representative (f)

      +49 151 673 302 45


      Working for the Port of Hamburg in my Bavarian homeland combines the best of two worlds. The strong economic areas of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Switzerland are closely linked to the port. This relationship needs to be developed further.

    • Tony Michaela Mark

      Tony Michaela Mark

      Assistant Representative Office

      +49 89 186 097


      As assistant I share responsibility for the internal and organizational processes at our representative office. I have been supporting Jürgen Behrens in our diverse field of activities since 2011.

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