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The Port of Hamburg – Europe’s leading port for Indian foreign tra

  • India as a growth market is the source of continually growing container services for the metropolis on the Elbe. The country is among the Port of Hamburg’s foremost trading partners. Generating volume of 230,000 TEU, India occupies tenth place in the Port of Hamburg league table for seaborne container traffic. Container, general cargo, heavy cargo and ro-ro-services connect the port with India several times a week. Machinery and equipment, metals and metal products, chemical products, textiles and clothing, are among the goods most transported between ports in India and Hamburg as a universal port. India’s significance for Hamburg is further boosted, if not only direct services with the country are taken into account, but also its imports and exports shipped via other ports. As transit cargoes, these are routed via Sri Lanka or such Arab ports as Dubai.

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Activities of the Port of Hamburg representative office in Mumbai

  • With the “Hamburg Representative Office Mumbai”, in January 2011 the Senate of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and Port of Hamburg Marketing opened a joint office in Mumbai as India’s leading port, the Hamburg Business Development Corporation joined the line-up at the beginning of this year. The representative office cultivates very good contacts in the transport industry, with shippers, forwarders, shipping agencies, operators and rail companies, as well as trade associations, institutions and trade journals in the maritime industry. The representative office also advises member companies interested in the Indian market, creates networks, organizes and supports events, and provides news in India of the latest developments in Germany’s largest universal port. The office is also the initial point of contact for Indian firms wishing to have visitor programs organized for the Port of Hamburg and others in the Metropolitan Region. In cooperation with partners in Mumbai and local institutions, the representative office also plans and organizes events with themes such as “Invest in Hamburg” or “Make in India”.

    • Peter Deubet

      Peter Deubet

      Head of the Representative Office (m)

      +91 22 666 52 134


      As representative for the Port of Hamburg in Mumbai, I look after the interests of the port conurbation in India. I'm really enthusiastic about the enormous potential in the areas of infrastructure and logistics.

    • Lea Miram

      Lea Miram

      Assistant Representative Office

      +91 22 66652 150


      I support the representative office in Mumbai since February 2018 and I am very pleased about the varied tasks in an exciting intercultural working environment.

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