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    • Axel Mattern

      Axel Mattern

      Chief Executive Officer

      +49 40 37709 130


      As Member of the Executive Board I deal with customers, members and projects in our key markets. With my global network I contribute to strengthening the Port’s competitive edge.

    • Ingo Egloff

      Ingo Egloff

      Chief Executive Officer

      +49 40 37709 101


      I represent the Port of Hamburg to the worlds of politics and society. Together with my Executive Board Colleague am responsible for the entire organization.

    • Katharina Weidemann

      Katharina Weidemann

      Assistant to the Executive Board

      +49 40 37709 100


      I have been supporting the association on an administrative level since 2011. Now I am personal assistant to the Executive Board. I really enjoy my daily contact with port businesses.

Market developement

    • Marina Basso Michael

      Marina Basso Michael

      Head of Market Development Baltic Sea Region / Eastern Europe

      +49 40 37709 111


      Bringing people together, actively listening, consulting and informing; these are the key principles of my work. This is why I take care of the Baltic region, one of the Port of Hamburg’s most important markets.

    • Mathias Schulz

      Mathias Schulz

      Head of Market Development Asia / Overseas Markets

      +49 40 37709 114


      I make the Port known in overseas markets through events, trade fairs and delegation tours. For me the most fascinating thing is cooperating with people from the most varied of cultures.

Communications & Information

    • Bengt van Beuningen

      Bengt van Beuningen

      Director Communication & Information

      +49 40 37709 110


      To continue with its ongoing development, our Port needs acceptance in the market place and in society. My most exciting challenge is to achieve this by developing targeted communication strategies

    • Ralf Johanning

      Ralf Johanning

      Press and Public Relations

      +49 40 37709 113


      The Port of Hamburg is one of the largest logistics hubs in the world. Communicating this diversity to people is a wonderful job

    • Catharina Pape

      Catharina Pape

      Press and Public Relations, Visitor Groups

      +49 40 37709 122


      The Port of Hamburg is a very exciting working environment for me. I really enjoy communicating about the many facets of the port and bringing the performance and diversity of the universal port closer to visitor groups from all over the world.

    • Lea Mentzel

      Lea Mentzel

      Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, Social Media

      +49 40 37709 136


      The port of Hamburg needs a strong voice to ensure its presence on the market. I particularly enjoy networking and communicating this international environment. Here, I can share my enthusiasm for the port with people from all over the world and highlight its potential.

    • Katja Höltkemeier

      Katja Höltkemeier

      Event Manager

      +49 40 37709 115


      It's a pleasure for me to create the best possible atmosphere for networking at our events. It's always exciting to present the fascination "Port of Hamburg" at our conferences or member events - espescially with the usage of our intermodal exhibition containers.

Market research

    • Christian Ulken

      Christian Ulken

      Market Research Manager, Port

      +49 40 37709 117


      I analyze the port stage of the transport chain, compiling monthly market research reports for our members. To have my finger directly on the pulse of the Port of Hamburg is my motivation.

    • Jens Schlegel

      Jens Schlegel

      Market Research Manager, Shipping & Hinterland

      +49 40 37709 116


      I work on transport and logistics industry issues applying results from market research. I enjoy organizing data-driven decision-making within Port of Hamburg Marketing and its member companies.

Online media

    • Jochen Wischhusen

      Jochen Wischhusen

      Head of Online Media & IT

      +49 40 37709 119


      I have been marketing the Port of Hamburg digitally since 1999. I am responsible along with my team for looking after and developing web projects. The success of these is what motivates me.

    • Heike Wegner

      Heike Wegner

      Online Media Manager

      +49 40 37709 123


      I draw up schemes for Internet presences. I also advise our members on the content they post on I see optimal presentation of a company as most important.


    • Kerstin Pfietzmann

      Kerstin Pfietzmann

      Director Finance & Controlling

      +49 40 377 09 140


      As head of Finance & Controlling, I am responsible for such commercial topics as finance, taxes, human resources, administration and controlling. I really value the diversity of my activities for the association.

    • Mandy Abraham

      Mandy Abraham


      +49 40 37709 144


      I process everything related to our representative offices and am responsible for asset accounting. Our international environment ensures a constant breath of fresh air in my office.

    • Nadine Herter

      Nadine Herter


      +49 40 377 09 143


      In my occupation I am responsible for accounting the membership fees, for travel claims as well as for the monitoring of incoming payments. We are working closely in our team to deal with all booking activities of HHM.


    • Stefan Breitenbach

      Stefan Breitenbach

      Head of Project Department

      +49 40 37709 121


      Together with my team, I bring a touch of Hamburg to Europe. Through our involvement in national and European logistics projects, we are actively involved in helping shape European transport policy.

    • Adina Katharina Cailliaux

      Adina Katharina Cailliaux

      Deputy Head of Project Department

      +4940 37709 172


      As a senior project manager I contribute to sustainably expanding and strengthening the Port of Hamburg’s network. I enjoy the daily contact with partners throughout Europe.

    • Inga Gurries

      Inga Gurries

      Project Manager (m)

      +49 40 37709 173


      As a member of the Project Department, I can contribute to better represent the interest of the Port of Hamburg at European level. Cultural and professional exchange with project partners is particularly exciting to me.

    • Johannes Betz

      Johannes Betz

      Project Manager (f)

      +49 40 37709 152


      EU requirements for project applications are both demanding and complex. My long career in shipping helps me to keep the accent on everyday practice during projects.

    • Tim Reincke

      Tim Reincke

      Student Employee (m)

      +49 40 37709 174


      As a student of business administration I am pleased to support the project department of Port of Hamburg Marketing in national and European projects and to gain valuable practical experience through cross-border cooperation with regions and cities.

Repräsentanzen in Deutschland

  • Repräsentanz Deutschland Ost

    • Stefan Kunze

      Stefan Kunze

      Head of the Representative Office (m)

      +49 351 6538 131


      Since 2010, I have been representing the interests of our members in eastern Germany. For me it is important to support ecological transport chains, keeping pace with growth.

    • Antje Dathan

      Antje Dathan

      Assistant Representative Office

      +49 351 6538 131


      I have been supporting the representative office in Dresden since 2004. As the first point of contact for the Port of Hamburg in the East Germany region, it is my concern to keep all market participants well informed and to bring them closer to the various services of the largest German seaport. Personal contact with our members and customers is very important to me.

  • Repräsentanz Deutschland Süd und Schweiz

    • Karin Lengenfelder

      Karin Lengenfelder

      Representative (f)

      +49 151 673 302 45


      Working for the Port of Hamburg in my Bavarian homeland combines the best of two worlds. The strong economic areas of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Switzerland are closely linked to the port. This relationship needs to be developed further.

    • Tony Michaela Mark

      Tony Michaela Mark

      Assistant Representative Office

      +49 89 186 097


      As assistant I share responsibility for the internal and organizational processes at our representative office. I have been supporting Jürgen Behrens in our diverse field of activities since 2011.

  • Repräsentanz Deutschland West

    • Heinen

      Markus Heinen

      Head of the Representative Office (m)

      +49 201 999 5032 1


      I am very happy to be joining the team in Dortmund. My focus is on optimizing the hinterland connection of the port of Hamburg to the regions of North and West Germany, including inland shipping and rail.

    • Lena Püttschneider

      Lena Püttschneider

      Assistant Representative Office

      +49 201 999 5032 2


      Since May 2019, I have been supporting Mr. Heinen as an assistant at the Dortmund representative office. I approach the varied tasks with a high level of commitment. The personal contact with our members and customers gives me a lot of pleasure.

Repräsentanzen in Europa

  • Repräsentanz Budapest

    • Krisztina Kovács

      Krisztina Kovács

      Head of the Representative Office (f)

      +36 1 2662 039


      As head of the Budapest office, it is important for me to raise awareness of the advantages of the Port of Hamburg among Hungarian transport players, informing shippers of its reliability.

    • Zsuzsanna Lőrincz

      Zsuzsanna Lőrincz

      Assistant Representative Office

      +361 2662 039


      I make sure that the routine work in the Budapest office runs seamlessly, and I am proud to be able to offer Hungarian customers the breadth and depth of Port of Hamburg services.

  • Repräsentanz Prag

    • Doboš Vladimír

      Vladimír Doboš

      Head of the Representative Office (m)

      +420 224 891 300


      Since 2001 I have had real pleasure taking care of Czech and Slovakian customers of the Port of Hamburg, spreading awareness of its advantages.

    • Vlachová

      Petra Vlachová

      Assistant Representative Office

      +420 224 891 298


      I really enjoy the diverse requirements as an assistant at the Prague representative office. I am in contact with members, customers and the press and organize various events.

  • Repräsentanz St. Petersburg

    • Natalia Kapkajewa

      Natalia Kapkajewa

      Head of the Representative Office (f)

      +7 812 3327 140


      I have been representing the Port of Hamburg in the Russian Federation, Finland and Estonia from St. Petersburg since 2008. It is a very large and in every regard interesting region.

    • Olga Starodubtseva

      Olga Starodubtseva

      Assistant Representative Office

      +7 812 3327 140


      As the assistant I look after the support offered by the representative office. I especially enjoy communicating with new people and the diversity of languages with German, English and Russian.”

  • Repräsentanz Warschau

    • Maciej Brzozowski

      Maciej Brzozowski

      Head of the Representative Office (m)

      +48 22 6546 007


      Since 2002 I have been advising Polish companies on everything to do with the Port of Hamburg. I also take care of our members who want to become active in the Polish market. Customer satisfaction is my highest priority.

    • Emilia Przybył

      Emilia Przybył

      Assistant Representative Office

      +48 22 6546 008


      I have been taking care of the Warsaw office, organizing events and publishing news from the Port of Hamburg since 2008. I enjoy spending my leisure time with my family, friends and a good book.

  • Repräsentanz Wien

    • Alexander Till

      Alexander Till

      Head of the Representative Office (m)

      +43 1 7125 484


      Since 2007 I have been representing the interests of the Port of Hamburg and the Metropolitan Region in Austria. In my position I network people from the worlds of business, science and politics.

    • Claudia Kohlros

      Claudia Kohlros

      Assistant Representative Office

      +43 1 712 548 411


      As assistant to the Vienna representative, I organize marketing activities in Austria to strengthen the position of the Port of Hamburg in our market and to promote information exchange.

Repräsentanzen in Asien

  • Repräsentanz Hongkong

    • Anne Thiesen

      Anne Thiesen

      Representative South China, Hong Kong & South-East-Asia

      +852 2522 5268


      Since 2012 I have been working hard to improve commercial and political relationships between Hamburg and Hong Kong. It's also a pleasure for me to support the Port of Hamburg Marketing members here on the spot.

  • Repräsentanz Mumbai

    • Peter Deubet

      Peter Deubet

      Head of the Representative Office (m)

      +91 22 666 52 134


      As representative for the Port of Hamburg in Mumbai, I look after the interests of the port conurbation in India. I'm really enthusiastic about the enormous potential in the areas of infrastructure and logistics.

    • Lea Miram

      Lea Miram

      Assistant Representative Office

      +91 22 66652 150


      I support the representative office in Mumbai since February 2018 and I am very pleased about the varied tasks in an exciting intercultural working environment.

  • Repräsentanz Shanghai

    • Pan Hua

      Pan Hua

      Repräsentantin China, Japan, Korea

      +86 21 6875 8705


      I support our members on all questions arising with China. Facing the challenge of placing Hamburg port operating companies optimally in this complex growth market is a pleasure.

    • Michael Wunderlich

      Michael Wunderlich

      Deputy Director

      +86 21 68758502


      In order to master the versatile and challenging tasks and processes, professionalism and seriousness are our top priority. I’m looking forward support your activities in China.